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Multimedia & Business – Infographics

Infographics are a a way to communicate the maximum amount of information possible using the smallest possible space,  and using as little text as possible.

A good example is the diagrammatic representation of the Luas stops in Dublin. Most information is left out, as the communicator only needs to know the number of stops, and in what order they are, rather than use the map to navigate.

A humorous infographic on Apple products:


Online Course in Customer Development

This looks really interesting. It uses material from Steve Blank, Eric Ries and other smart people to teach you all about customer development and lean startups in under 2 hours.

Customer Development is the way of the future for high tech startups, to learn more see here:

The Amazing Blog of Patrick Keane

The only reason I started this blog originally was because of something we must do for a module I’m taking in college. It’s a requirement for my multimedia module and we have to post some assignments up here to get marks.

However, then I got thinking about May (when our final college exams are) and how I’ve no idea what the hell I should really do afterwards. I’ve decided to post some stuff I’m interested in up here to try and connect with like minded-people. This could help me in the following ways:

a) Make me more employable, presuming I don’t go living the dream on the dole. If I at least post some cool interesting random stuff up here maybe some HR manager will read this blog and be amused, educated and engaged, hopefully all of the above. All the very least you guys will get to know me a little better outside of the whole typical cover letter-CV-interview merry-go-round.

b) Promote myself for evil commercial reasons. I’m giving serious thought to doing a web startup, as the barriers are so low and it’s still such a new, exciting, emerging field even though the original incarnation of the modern web as we know it is actually 20 this year, almost as old as me.

So, now that we’ve met, what kind of stuff can you expect me to post and is this for you?

a) Entrepreneurship, as mentioned above. This will form the bulk of my posts. Over the years I’ve come across plenty of interesting, thought-provoking articles from people who are much more clever than me. I will post plenty links. Many of these people like Paul Graham of Y Combinator, a kind of batch-production funding machine for web startups and Steve Blank of the ‘Customer Development’ methodology are absolutely required reading for anyone doing or considering doing a web startup. When I do get round to starting my business, these guys articles, videos and books will be required reading for employees of my business. I’m a firm believer in the ‘Agile’ and ‘Lean’ way of thinking also, and I may post stuff on this too.

Don’t worry if the above paragraph made no sense, when I post links on the above subjects I will give a little background info to ease you into the heavier subject matter.

b) Multimedia related images and posts. Unless you are my Multimedia lecturer, this may not interest you.