Multimedia & Business – Movie OS

Science Fiction is a big source of inspiration for new technology development. Some gadget that became or are becoming reality after first appearing in movies include jetpacks, invisbility cloaking, GPS and holograms.

Computer Operating Systems depicted in movies and TV shows are often pure fiction that is added in post-production by graphic designers. However, despite these ‘Movie OSs’ often being scoffed at online, some believed that these could become inspiration for how future OSs could become.

Some examples of Movie OSs.

The Matrix Reloaded:

Jurassic Park runs on UNIX:

Hacking into the Department of Defense in Swordfish:

Predator’s Wrist-Computer UI:

And of course the famous genture-based UI from Minority Report, which could well be in consumers homes within the decade:

CSI New York uses Visual Basic to code up GUIs (hilarious):

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