Multimedia & Business – Training


Augmented Reality is an exciting new area in which multimedia is having an impact that will become increasingly important in the future. The first time the general public became aware of the concept of AR was in the Terminator movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator was a deadly effective killing machine as a result of the tactical information his field of vision provided him.

A slightly more benevolent use of AR in the future will be in the area of training. Currently, training can be a source of information overload. In the video below, the mechanic sees only the information needed at the exactly time he needs it, to conduct the repairs on the vehicle.

The US Military created the PC shooter “America’s Army” in 2002 to give a realistic simulation of what military training and combat is like. For more information on how the US military is adapting computer games for training and simulation purposes, see here.


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