Future of the Internet

Currently, the internet is operating on a protocol known as HTML4. Over the next few years, it will adopt a standard known as HTML5, which offers some exciting new improvements over the existing standards. Among these are moving from proprietary video technologies – primarily flash – to serve up videos. Most of YouTube’s videos are in flash, however that looks set to change. Also, with the development of touch based UIs pioneered by Apple, some believe the influence and use of JavaScript may become less. JavaScript was designed to be used with a mouse cursor and keyboard, not a touch interface. Some very cool HTML5 and Javascript applications.

Google aims to make it’s search voice-based. Many believe that Google Voice, a potential replacement for regular telephones and carrier-based mobile phone numbers, it a clever way for Google to incrementally improve it’s voice recognition algorithms. The idea is that you will eventually be able to use Google to voice search accurately wherever you are in the world, no matter what language.


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