Multimedia and Business

Multimedia is having a very big impact on the way in which business engage with their customers. It makes websites, applications, products, promotional materials etc far more attractive and meaningful to customers and presents businesses with an opportunity to gain an advantage over their competition by having more attractive, intuitive products – Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Microsoft Windows Vista, for example, or Apple iPhone vs everyone else’s offerings. By using multimedia and having talented, design-concious staff, it’s possible to gain a serious competitive advantage. In the video below we see how Steve Jobs presents Apple’s new iPad to an audience in San Francisco, and how he uses multimedia to deliver a keynote presentation that is almost unique in the corporate world for is use of imagery, sound, video and almost total lack of text. This is what presentations will try to emulate in the future, especially in cutting edge industries who realise the importance of clarity of information and the importance of not doing exactly the same as everyone else.


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